Poetiska Space Monkey


Easy butterfly wings
sail on clear skies
Dredging through mud
I slipped
choking on efforts
to rise above
Crushed trachea
makes no understandable voices
So please do step on it more time
I won’t even notice


Coming alive with flowers of mourning
Sweet blossom scents give colour
To the darkest of nights
Penetrating senses of mist and
The all ever wanting dreams
Of times past since yesterday morning
Cleaning senses of dust and cobwebs
We draw a deep breath


Just when you’ve climbed of your high horse
The world you built
Inside your head
And you’re left with a humbling
To surrender
Wave the white flag
Step off the ledge
And just fall into
The black abyss

The All of Nothingness

Firebursts spark the
fire that burns
Smoking your insides
Sootbombblack lungs
Choking oxygen brain
Spire to the flame of
Licking after full bellies
Charring bones crumble
Mush of organs slither
Across the soiled earth
Flesh to the ground
Ground to the flesh
Become the beginning
You become
The End.


In rainbow light
Shining colours
Viewed through meshed skin
Slinky silk
Running across
Velvet skin
In pure white
Turns sparkling
To stars
The blackest of nights
Tree lightning running across the sky
Blinding your eyes
Shooting white inside your body
Gold brakes through your skin
Blinding their eyes
Setting the sky on fire


A space filled with black
Hate running through a tangled forest
Laughter chasing you there
A cave with fire
Burns your soul
Rain falls silver tears of gold
Burning on the cold
Heated by the snow
Crushed by your bones
You lay flat on the floor

Evolutionary Intertwined

The twist of the daggers
The spinal cords wrenching
Swapping place with the heart
Hair falling out in sticky clumps
Spunk filled belly gazes wide open into the womb
Calcium depraved bones pierce through skin like thorns
Mushed brain seeping through nostrils into the mouth
The insides coming out
The outside coming in
One cannot escape oneself
One cannot escape one another
With umbilical cords strapped around our necks we will be our own


Crack me open
Slit my wrists
Drink my blood
It shall unite us
For I am broken
And you make me whole

Tie my wrists
Bind them with my ankles
Make your nails leave deep marks running down my back
It makes me feel alive

Dissect my brain
Leave no thought unturned
It makes me feel wanted

Tear my heart into little pieces
I shall do the same to yours
Merge them together into a stew
For it shall make us forever bound to each other’s souls


Kiss the graves of the dead
Leave wilted roses on their headstones
Pierce your skin and leave drops of blood
On the earth underneath which they are buried

Catch the hearts of the living
Tear them into little pieces and savor the taste
Set their souls on fire
Leaving them charred as papers

Feed yourself on the minds of the impure
Relish them, spill not a morsel
Their power will be yours
And you are now immortal

Save me from eternal damnation

Show me a simple design
Eviscerate my flesh

Empty my soul of the raging flames
Banish my dreams to eternal hell
Where they will bother me no more

Give my thoughts their freedom
Make them fly to the heavens
Where they will find their peace

Twist a dagger in my back
Sever my nerves from eternal damnation

Burn my eyes to make me blind
So I can no longer see the world

Sow up my lips
So that I can speak no words
That no one understands

Cut my limbs to pieces
To make me harm no one no more
Drain me of my blood
So it will stop burning in my veins

Sweetly kiss my bones
Crumble them
Blow them to the winds
Where I will forever
Be forgotten

Give us guidance

Save us from imagined sin
Save us from despair

Give us light in dark places
Keep us warm on cold lonely nights
Be there when we feel lost
Make us find our way across the thorny paths of life
Keep us from bleeding
Keep us lusting
And save us all from imagined sin

What you did

See me being swallowed by your words
Watch me coming clean in my blood
The dispute of the thoughts unspoken
The tears left here unbroken
Caress me with your soulless laugh
Hit me, bruise me with your deep red flesh
See me stripped naked
Revealing my bruised soul to you
You see, but you only laugh
You see, but you show no remorse
You made me into this
Listen to me as I am fading away
My footsteps stepping lightly
Over your sweet facade

Born Again

For the fire inside
That seeks a way out
There is no escape
From what festers in my mind
Years of darkness make themselves known
Picking on my nerves
Scratching on doors I keep them locked inside
Itching hands caressing my soul
Sweet seductions of promises
Of a better time
That never comes
Temporary sanity
Constant insanity
Fighting for ground
The winner will roar
The looser slowly die
Climbing out of my black hole
Born again
A monster


A fireheart that seeps through the hole
Bury your thoughts in thorns
Of the finest red roses
The keeper of the internal palace
is forever elusive
A shadow on the walls
Long since forgotten
By its sole inhabitant
The heart beats in its furnace
Etching forever marks on its prison cage
This is us
This is you
All you will be
Is all that will be forgotten

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